Lännen Industrial Area occupational safety quizz

Qualify yourself for a certificate

Test your knowledge of occupational safety issues and qualify for the certificate to be presented at the gate of the Lännen Industrial Area. Passing the test is a prerequisite for working in the Industrial Area

Proceed as follows:
1. Familiarise yourself carefully with the occupational safety instructions by expanding the links in the left column.
2. Return to this page and log in to the certificate programme using the user IDs you have received from your employer.
3. Start the question/answer programme by clicking the "Conduct test" button.
4. The programme now displays eight (8) random questions.
5. Each question has three alternatives to choose from. Click the circle on the left side of the answer that you think is correct.
6. After answering all the questions, click the "Evaluate" button.
7. The programme checks your answers and displays the result on the screen: your name, your company, your answers and points.
8. If the test was not successful, you can repeat it or return to the instructions, improve your knowledge and try again.
9. Print out the test form with eight correct answers for proof by clicking the "Print page" link at the bottom of the page.
10. Present the test results the first time you enter the Industrial Area to work.

Good luck with the test!