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All contractors must follow the instructions and regulations given for protection of the environment while working in the Industrial Area. Everybody is obliged to notify the Orderer's contact person without delay, if as a result of the person's own activity damage to the environment or a temporary emission has taken place or such damage is imminent.
After having raised the alarm, everyone is obliged to take preventative measures to the best of his/her abilities.

If the delivery involves handling or storing hazardous substances, the Supplier is obliged to present the relevant Material Safety Data Sheets to the employees and, as necessary, also to others involved, and in addition:
- to obtain the required permits. See point 7.2 CHEMICAL WORK PERMIT
- to nominate the relevant persons in charge
- as required, to warn other people of the danger


8.1 Handling oils

8.2 Packing materials

Whenever practicable, recyclable materials should be used for packing. 
When recycling the packing materials, the first aim should be to reuse the material itself as much as possible, before using its energy content. Placing the material in a landfill should be considered as a last resort.

8.3 Reducing the amount of waste and sorting

In all their activities, the contractors are obliged to take care that only the minimum of waste will be created and that this waste does not endanger the health of people or the environment. Work methods must be selected so that they encourage the use of recyclable products that do not harm the environment.
The Orderer provides outdoor waste containers for use by the Suppliers and undertakes their emptying if not agreed otherwise. The Supplier is obliged to supervise the sorting of the waste into the containers and platforms according to the instructions. When sorting useful waste, wood, metal, paper and cardboard need to be placed onto the designated platforms.

An environmental plan with details for sorting the waste has been drawn up for the Länsi-Säkylän Industrial Area.
The guidelines for sorting the waste are attached.
It is worth mentioning that if any of the contractors agrees to sort e.g. the building waste after demolition, demountable platforms will be placed at his/her disposal and the waste can be taken to the area reserved for reusable waste at the factory.

If the independent contractor does not agree to sort the demolition waste, he/she must have their own demountable platforms and the waste must be taken away from the factory area to the municipal landfill (Hallavaara).
Familiarise yourself with the guidelines for sorting waste before starting the work.


8.4 Hazardous waste
Every supplier is obliged to keep his/her own hazardous waste (such as, e.g., paint and solvent waste, batteries, oils etc.) separate from other waste and handle it with due care at the work object. The supplier is obliged to dispose of and transport away his/her own hazardous waste as required by the law and decrees.

8.5 Soil protection
Pollution of the soil must be prevented in all activities.
If, despite the pre-emptive measures taken, the soil becomes contaminated, the Orderer must be notified. The Supplier is obliged to clean up the area and the soil. Even if observed later, the obligation to clean-up any contamination caused by the Supplier, remains with the Supplier.
8.6 Päästöt puhdistamolle ja vesistöön
Hazardous waste or oil etc. must absolutely be prevented from accessing the wastewater treatment plant. To achieve this:
- Storage of flammable liquids and chemicals at the workplace must take place in accordance with the regulations. The locations for storing these substances must be agreed with the Orderer.
- The amounts held in the place of use shall be kept to a minimum.
- Before opening any pipelines, tanks or appliances containing chemicals, it must be ensured that a permit for the task in question has been granted by the Orderer, and that the pipes are empty and de-pressurised.  If the pipelines cannot be emptied in a reliable manner, the hazardous chemicals shall be collected.
- During the repair and maintenance of appliances containing chemicals, inadvertent start-up must be reliably prevented.

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