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3.1 Following the Statutes
If the Supplier (sub-contractor) fails to comply with these Statutes, the Supplier is liable for all consequential and direct damages and costs incurred by the damage, the accident or the impediment to the other party.

If no immediate action is taken by the Supplier upon notification, the Orderer is entitled to repair/eliminate the situation causing danger/harm in the Supplier's contract area at the supplier's expense.

The Supplier and all members of the Supplier's active staff must follow the laws and regulations valid at the workplace as well as the detailed safety instructions. The Supplier is responsible for insuring its personnel and equipment.

3.2 Person in charge
The Supplier shall nominate a responsible foreman, installation team head or other person to be in charge of implementing the work, if not agreed otherwise. The name of the nominee and his/her contact information (GSM-number) and possible change of person shall be brought to the Orderer's attention.

3.3 Sub-contractors
Only sub-contractors approved by the Orderer may be used for the work. Proof of this can be, for example, a security certificate or any other proof of security training that can be verified. The Supplier is responsible for ensuring that the Supplier's sub-contractors are familiar with these Statutes, are aware of the risks involved, follow the safety regulations and also work safely in all other respects.

3.4 Storage area
The Supplier is responsible for making sure his/her own raw materials, installation materials and tools are appropriately stored in the place assigned by the Orderer.

3.5 Order at the work site
The Supplier is responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness at the work site, in the work and storage areas, in the canteen and in the staff facilities fused by his/her employees. Any disturbances requiring the involvement of the authorities, must be reported immediately to the Security Company and to the representative of the Orderer.

At his/her discretion, the Orderer has the right to impede access of any member of the Supplier's staff, who has behaved dishonestly, failed to follow decent manners in the Industrial Area or breached the valid safety regulations.

3.6 Cleanliness and order at the workplace
Every Supplier is responsible for keeping his/her own workplace clean and orderly during the work.

As soon as the work is finished, the Supplier must immediately remove all unused equipment and material, installation leftovers, temporary structures and scaffolding. The Suppliers must agree well in advance on the joint utilization of temporary and permanent structures so as to avoid unnecessary dismantling and re-building work. The Suppliers are also jointly responsible for cleaning up the storage areas assigned for them by the Orderer.

Each machine and appliance brought to the work site must be removed from the area immediately after the work is completed.

As necessary, the Orderer places for the disposal of the Suppliers demountable waste platforms or containers both indoors and outdoors and looks after emptying them. This, however, requires that the Supplier follows the instructions in the Waste Disposal Code for the Länsi-Säkylän Industrial Area and sorts the waste produced in accordance with it.

If the Supplier is not willing to comply with the Waste Disposal Code for the Länsi-Säkylän Industrial Area, he/she is obliged to obtain waste platforms and containers of his/her own and arrange the removal of the waste from the area by himself. The Waste Disposal Code is attached.

Only such tools, machines, appliances or scaffolding as are required immediately may be brought to the work site. The condition of the machines must comply with the laws and regulations. Storing these appliances at the work site without permission even for a short period of time is prohibited.

If the Orderer observes that the Supplier has failed to keep the work environment clean, he/she reserves the right to clean up the workplace himself or to assign a third party for this task at the Supplier's expense.

Based on issues related to food safety, factory of Sucros Oy is divided into HYGIENE AREAS 1-4. It is the responsibility of the Orderer's representative to familiarise the Supplier's employees with the special hygiene requirements before the work is started.


Only such lubricants and other chemicals required for the maintenance work, which are approved by the Orderer, may be used in the area of Sucros Oy

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