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2.1 General information
The Länsi-SäkylänIndustrial Area is fenced and subjected to technical supervision. The Industrial Area is monitored by a recording CCTV-system.
The main gate is kept closed at all times. In the daytime during work hours access to the area is controlled by a security company (Turvatiimi Oyj). From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. the gate is attended continuously and from 5.30 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. as well as from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. the patrolling guard is on duty.
Persons, who are not permanent employees of the production plants, such as the personnel of the independent contractors, must report to the gate upon arrival to the area. The guard on duty at the gate then informs the Orderer about the arrival of the guest. If the Supplier needs to drive inside the fenced area, he/she can obtain also a temporary drive permit at the gate.

A separate gate is provided for freight; the main gate is not usually used for freight transports.

The freight gate is kept closed at all times, but it can be opened from the main gate between 5.30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

2.2 Surveillance in the area
The surveillance centre for the area is located at the main gate of the Industrial Area.
Surveillance of the area is carried out by Turvatiimi Oyj, whose duties include:
- supervision of order and safety in the area, striving to act pre-emptively in all its activities.
- supervision of issues related to the safety and property of the Orderer and the Supplier.
- supervision of personal and vehicle traffic in the area, as required, carrying out controls.
- as necessary, the Security Company also checks that independent contractors entering the industrial area have the required Hot Work Cards and Safety Cards.
- the Orderer must notify the Security Company well in advance by e-mail of the arrival of persons working for independent contractors: who they are, which company they are from, when do they arrive and do they require a Flexim-key, which access rights shall the key provide, and is the checking of any cards necessary.
- The Security Company delivers keys with the required access right.
- NOTE! The guards have the right to expel any person and/or vehicle violating the regulations valid in the Industrial Area.

2.3 People moving around in the Industrial Area
No later than 24 hours before the work is started, Suppliers (contractors) working in the area must submit to the Security Company at the main gate of the Industrial Area a list of those who will be working for them in the area. This notification can be submitted, for example, by e-mail to vartijat@apetit.fi. Supplier's personnel will be granted access rights to the Industrial Area based on the Notification of Personnel submitted.
The personnel employed by the Suppliers shall fetch from the main gate a badge that authorizes them to enter and move around inside the Industrial Area. The badge must absolutely be returned to the main gate after the work is finished.

2.4 Traffic and parking
People and personal cars must enter the Industrial Area through the main gate.
Goods are transported into the Industrial Area through the freight gate.
Entering the Industrial Area by car is subject to a permit and moving around there is at the sole liability of the entering person. The Drive Permit can either be a so-called temporary permit (yellow), which is granted at the main gate only for a short stay inside the Industrial Area (for one day), or a permanent permit (blue), which is granted on application for a certain period of time or until further notice. The parking place assigned for the car is identified in the permit.

The Security Company grants the work site permit after consulting the Orderer.
The permanent Drive Permit granted to the Supplier requires a statement from the Orderer's supervisor, with the required time of validity and the requested access rights. The permanent Drive Permit and the possible related Flexim-key can be obtained from the main gate and they shall be returned to the main gate as soon as the work is finished.
In general, Drive Permits are only granted for the transportation of material.

The parking areas outside the Industrial Area are intended for the use of all people working at the factories. (The parking spaces with heating poles both with and without name signs are chargeable and solely intended for the use of the permanent staff).

Inside the Industrial Area the vehicles must exclusively be parked in the marked places.

The valid regulations concerning order and traffic in the Industrial Area must be followed. For example: the speed limit of 20 km/h

Stop at the main gate and report yourself to the guard, unless you have a valid permit to drive in. The guard will give you directions. If you already hold a Drive Permit and are entitled to open the gate, follow the directions you have been given and the traffic regulations valid in the area.

The freight gate is equipped with traffic lights for vehicles. Never break a red light.

2.5 Transportation of goods and permission to take material away from the area
The transportation of materials in and out of the area through the main gate is allowed without a specific drive permit, provided that the main gate personnel has been notified of the intended unloading and loading site inside the Industrial Area and the guards have checked it.

Tools and materials brought to the area must carry a label indicating the owner.

Anyone transporting tools, installation and/or building materials away from the area, must be able to present proof of ownership, such as for example a specific Transportation Permit ANNEX 2.
These transfers must always take place via the main gate.
The guard personnel has the right to check all loads.

2.6 Guests
Independent contractors are not allowed to bring guests into the Industrial Area without permission from the Orderer's contact person.

2.7 Keeping personal items
Personal items must be kept in the locations reserved for them. The Orderer is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

2.8 Intoxicating substances
Appearing intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, using alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances as well as offering them to others is forbidden at the workplace and in the entire Industrial Area.
The Security Company as well as the occupational health personnel and/or representative of the employer (foreman), has the right to breathalyze the employee, at his/her own consent, if he/she is suspected of being influenced by alcohol. By means of the breathalyzer the employee proves his/her suitability to work.
After having notified the Supplier, the Orderer has the right to expel from the Industrial Area any person who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

2.9 Working hours
Building and repair work shall primarily be carried out during the day shift between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Any deviations from the schedule above shall be agreed with the Orderer's supervisor. The Security Company must also be informed about any deviations in advance.

2.10 Lodging
Lodging in the industrial area at any locations other than in the Guest House or in the Guest Rooms is prohibited. Lodging in a motor home or in a caravan inside the Industrial Area is prohibited.

2.11 Taking photographs
All photographing, shooting of video or recording without permission is prohibited in the Industrial Area. The permission to take pictures is granted by the Orderer's representative..

2.12 Meals
The Industrial Area's canteen serves meals during its opening hours.

Remember that the canteen is intended for all personnel, not only for you. So, do not go to the canteen "straight from the pit", but change, for example, into cleaner overalls for your lunch.


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