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Apetit Ruoka Oy Säkylä

Apetit RuokaOy in Säkylä develops vegetable and ready-meal frozen food products to meet the needs and requirements of its customers, and markets them under the "Apetit" brand.

The production capacity of the frozen vegetable and ready-meal products is about 30 000 tonnes per year. The raw materials are mainly sourced from contract farms up to 1 700 hectares in area.
The factory processes about 100-350 tonnes of vegetable raw materials a day. The principal crops used are carrots, potatoes and peas. During the harvesting season from June to December, the reception and processing of raw materials is running mostly in three shifts.

During the harvesting season, the total number of employees at the Apetit Ruoka Oy plant in Säkylä is about 200, while outside the harvesting season it is about 140.
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Production Director 
Mr. Petri Pyysalo
Tel. 0104024370
Fax. 0104024333

Maintenance Manager
Mr. Jyrki Tupala
Tel. 0104024375
Fax. 010402333

Maintenance Supervisor
production during the harvesting season

Mr. Tuomo Laine
Tel. 0104024374
Fax. 0104024333

Maintenance Supervisor

Mr. Pasi Heino
Puh. 0104024372
Fax. 0104024333
Email pasi.heino@apetit.fi

Electric Installations Supervisor
Mr. Marko Haaparanta
Tel. 0104024385
Fax. 0104024333
Production Manager
Mr. Jorma Itäluoma
Tel. 0104024342
Fax. 0104024333

Email jorma.italuoma@apetit.fi
Production Manager
Mrs. Maria Nurminen
Tel. 0104024347
Fax. 0104024322



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